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  • Business Tax Return Preparation - Preparing complete and accurate returns is a top priority.

  • Income Tax Provision - Prepare full-scope tax provision and help you navigate the myriad of complex guidance on accounting for income tax matters.

  • Multi-state Taxation – Navigate the increased tax complexities with income taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes for businesses which are operating in multiple states.

  • Nonprofit Tax Services – We help your nonprofit organizations obtain and protect your tax-exempt status. Meet complex tax reporting requirements and assist with rigorous grant application.

  • International Tax Services – Provide an extensive range of services for businesses which are operating across boarders or competing in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Real Estate Specific Tax Services – Our focus on understanding complex real estate tax such as tax deferral exchange offers property acquisition strategies and gives you the freedom to make sound financial decisions.


  • Bookkeeping - Provide all-inclusive solutions that offers your business relief from the day-to-day accounting hassles while providing 24/7 access to financial data.

  • Payroll – Partnered with payroll providers, we provide a comprehensive payroll service that takes care of the payroll processing and tax compliance for your business.

  • Financial Reporting and Compilation - Identify and clarify information needed to establish complete, accurate financial reports which is critical in making decisions about the future of your business.


  • Financial Statement Audit - A customized, risk-based approach tailoring an integrated audit, review, and compilation to focus on areas of significant risks allows us to complete your engagement in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Internal Control Audit – Our internal audit helps achieve reliable financial reports and regulatory compliance, navigate risks, streamline operations, and promote stakeholder confidence.

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